Upcoming Events

  • January Club Run
    Wed, 26 Jan
    26 Jan, 12:00 am
    Dundas, Dundas QLD 4306, Australia
    Australia Day Club Rally v2.0
  • February Club Run
    Sun, 20 Feb
    Location is TBD
    20 Feb, 12:01 am
    Location is TBD
    Rick's Garage - Palmwoods
  • March Fundraiser
    Sat, 12 Mar
    Location is TBD
    12 Mar, 12:01 am
    Location is TBD
    Repco Max - Springwood - Club BBQ Fund Raiser
  • March Club Run
    Sun, 20 Mar
    Location is TBD
    20 Mar, 12:01 am
    Location is TBD
    Tyalgum Hotel
  • April Fundraiser
    Sun, 10 Apr
    Location is TBD
    10 Apr, 12:01 am
    Location is TBD
    Canungra Markets - Club BBQ Fund Raiser
  • May Club Run
    Sun, 15 May
    Location is TBD
    15 May, 12:01 am
    Location is TBD
    Boonah - Dugandan Hotel
  • 21st HD HR Holden Nationals (2022)
    10 June, 12:01 am – 12 June, 11:59 pm
    Canberra, Canberra ACT, Australia
    10th , 11th , 12th - HD/HR Nationals - Canberra. No club run this month.


The Club is now pre-endorsing various destinations, locations and venues around the state to help members get a little extra value out of their SIVS registration and membership with us. Started in the August 2021 (#001) newsletter and being updated each month, you will find enough roads needing exploration and venues requiring your patronage to keep even the most itchy of feet sated. 


Want to get an impromptu run destination endorsed by the Club so you can stay on the right side of the law and insurance companies when you take your old girl our for a spin? It's easy! 

Contact either the Secretary (Alan) or the Event Coordinator (Danny) by email, text or phone at least 24-hrs prior to the excursion and we'll get it announced properly and entered into the register so you're covered no matter what happens. 

Remember, an impromptu event is an event that has been initiated by a club member, involves one or more vehicles, and must comply with the following elements:

  • involves an invitation to wider club members to attend the event; and

  • is either

    • endorsed in advance of the event by the relevant club or Australian Street Rod Federation committee; or,

    • where it exists, complies with published club guidelines as to what is a valid event; and

  • is listed either in the newsletter, on the website, or social media page (or in another manner approved by the club or Australian Street Rod Federation, such as the club calendar of events) prior to the event.