"Jade" Sam and Bradley Davis's Premier


"Jade" Sam and Bradley Davis's HR Premier


A friend rang my husband Brad and asked if we wanted to come and have a look at a HR Holden Sedan at a job site that he was working at. He overheard the wife saying she wanted the car gone We had a look at her, she was under a traps and out in the weather.

But when we asked the husband he said it’s not for sale.  So we left it at that.

Then 3 months later we got a call asking if we were still interested in buying the car we said yes.

We picked her up that weekend, Sunday 4th September 2016. Father’s day.

Then the fun started


First motor- 186p sounded okay but hubby wanted to put a bigger cam in her and

 That’s when we noticed that there was a crushed roller rocker and a bent push Rod ,

So Brad pulled the motor apart because he didn’t think it was right and he was right.

Two scratched in the bores so we put it in to be rebuilt. We were told the only way to fix was to re-sleeve all the bores. We said we have another motor.

Second motor- 186A block out of a HR Ute that was Standard with one piston seized in number 4 so they re-sleeve that one and took her to 30th.

Second motor has been rebuilt again due to problems beyond our control. Oil pump, other things that were not picked up the first time round.


Bodywork -Then we started on the bodywork 11 months on weekends, plus 5 weeks holidays

 Well there was not one straight panel on her. Drivers door was full of bog had to replace it,

Two front Guards were pushed in over the wheel arch. And bogged and rust at the bottom of them.

Rear quarters were full of bog but no rust just a lot of bog and dents.

 Bonnet someone must of sat in the middle of it. Boot rust in back were the chrome Strips are.

All repairs are done with fresh metal and minimum Bog just to reshape.

All of the chrome is original to the car .premier badges on the side are only aftermarket badges

Engine – 186A Block, 186s Crank, Starfire rods, Crow 3500/6800 Street / strip Cam Bathurst xu1 grind. Lighten flywheel, straight cut timing gear, high volume oil pump.

 Yellow Terra- stage 3 head ported and polished with crow rollers rockers and valve springs to match and moly push rods.

Compression ratio: is 10:2:1   

Chamber volume: 49.5 cc

Pump fuel: is 98 high octane

Carburettors: Triple SU’s

Gearbox: -was a 4 speed Celica .but it is now 5 speed Celica

Paint: Body - GMH Jade green metallic   

            Roof - GMH alpine White

Interior. – GMH VB Buckskin/Off white roof lining /Black carpet

 We were told 2 weeks that turned into 5mths.  But it turned out really nice.

They worked   from photo only of pattern.

Wheels – Dragway Indies - 14”x 6 front and 14”x7 on rear  

Exhaust – 2 1/2 ” from extractors back


The build has taken just over two and half years.

With a lot of little hick ups along the way.