"Caroline"Jay Bostock's HR

Jay Bostock's HR​ Premier


My 1966 Hr Premier Sedan “Miss Caroline”


Bought for the sum of $2200, “Miss Caroline” was my first car, a 1966 Hr Holden Premier sedan.

It belonged to the people that lived across the road in the street I grew up and I had the privilege of washing it and vacuuming it on the odd Sunday when I was young. It was love at first sight.  It was going to be a HR or FB Holden I thought to myself. The previous owner bought the car in 1985 and owned it till 2001 when he decided it was time to buy a new car.  I hounded the owner and my parents for 6 months until finally they gave in.  In October 2001, I purchased the car, registered it and basically drove the wheels off it.


In 2008 the car went off the road to do some restoration work and as usual work and family commitments took over and the car sat stripped on a rotisserie for the next 9 years.  In May of 2017, the decision was made to start the restoration.  I wanted to do a custom paint job with custom interior and add a big engine, however but after my dad bought a nice original Special HR sedan, the decision was made to fully restore it back to the original colours and trim. The engine and gearbox and are still factory Holden Items but are slightly modified.  I have also fitted a HR Disc brake front end.


In just over 2 years the car has been restored back to its factory colours and trim with everything being rebuilt, repainted, or new. Many hours and thousands of dollars and hard work by a lot of people have made the car what it is today.


Built: June 1966 at Acacia Ridge, delivered to North Pine Motors in Petrie, Queensland in October 1966

Purchased New by:  Mr Fausto Monis - 0ctober 1966

Sold to: Mr George Guyomar – approx  1969

Sold to:  Fraser Creese - approx 1985

Purchased by myself:  2001


Car wears X2 badges however, is not a factory fitted X2 car.  The car also runs 186S running gear but is not a genuine 186S 4 speed car.

I have fitted as many NASCO accessories and the X2/186S parts as I wanted to show case the range of options that were available in 1966/67.


The Tech Specs

Colour: Pyrenees Blue Metallic (factory 1966 colour and Original to the car), Grecian White Roof

Trim: Bone Full Premier Spec

Engine specs: Hr Series 186 (bored +30 thou)

Electronic Ignition

Performance Head

Steel Crank, balanced bottom end

20/60 Profile camshaft

X2 twin carburettors

X2 Cast iron headers

X2 Air cleaner

Driveline: 4 Speed Opel Transmission (all parts from wrecked 186S car)

Opel is cast iron plate base from GTR UX-1 Torana

HR 186S shifter setup and 186S clutch setup

186S 4 speed tails shaft

186S 4 speed steering column fitted (sealed honey inside, sealed tube into engine bay)

3.36 ratio diff

HR disc break front end fitted

Globeline 14 inch mag wheels fitted