Danny Kunst's Special Sedan

Performance Specs

Purchased in Sept 1976 - ($800 ) at aged 16 I needed to wait a painfully Loooong 3 months, until I could legally drive it with a learners permit. .. With mum as instructor - [ "Slow down, slower... slower! "] - [I won't mention the sneaky test drives in the dead of night] - cos they weren't nearly as much fun as the freedom of driving the open road when I got the licence! ... Oh boy, I was in the world of JOY!!!! ... Over the next two years my work took me all over Qld, I drove my car from Gympie to Cairns to Brisbane to Dalby... and back many times, it was great to drive ! >


1978. 1978 > A lot of things have happened since then, [ married / kids / mortgage / mortgage / mortgage ] and it's been parked up for a long time.... but I'm happy to say it's now back on the road, and I'm looking forward to driving it often. ..... For those who are interested, I've attached a few photos highlighting part of the journey. [ Sorry for the photo quality - Didn't have digital cameras in the 70's - 80's ] 

Purchased Sept 1976 

Commenced rebuild early 1979.

 Replaced guards, doors skins, boot , bonnet, front sub-frame.  

Customized front end - replaced head lights with Ford XD rectangle lights, handmade grill, shaved guard fronts, bonnet locks + air scoops.

Paint -: Ford Metallic Brown - 30 x coats of colour , Golden side strips hand painted and blended to level with top coat , 11 x coats of clear. 

Roof -: Marine vinyl - Dappled brown. 

Interior -: Seats re-sprung , covered with black vinyl and gold velvet inlay, door fabs gold velvet - carpet Black cut-lope. 

Engine -: Rebuilt, 179 > 192, stage 3 Yella-Terra head, 113 cam, 350 Holly, Alloy baked headers, twin exhaust to rear. 

Gearbox -: Original 3 speed crash, " Speco H" pattern floor shifter.

 Diff -: Rebuilt to Original Gear.

Rebuild finished - back on the road mid to late 1980.

 Purchased EH panel van - as my main drive during rebuild. ( should have kept it )

 Entered Brisbane - "Hot Rod Spectacular" - 1981. Won best mild custom - and - Runner up best sedan.

 Got married - 1982, bought a house, had children - no money for cars !! Parked the HR away, cancelled rego. ..... considered selling - but glad I didn't.

2015 -: Resurrected to old girl - full strip, renew rubbers, seals, brakes, re-set springs, replaced moving parts, Etc etc. ... 

2016 -: Back on the road.