Aldo's Sgiarovello's 66 HR

Aldo's 66 HR Premier


One day, mid 1967 my Dad brought home a dark blue HR wagon, it was with us for as long as I can remember. 
Fast forward to one morning late 2011 I decided there weren't many left, I better get myself one. This would be my fourth HR. 

So September 2011, I bought a HR Prem off ebay. It was a complete car, run down but straight, no big dents or major rust. It came from Morningside, Brisbane South. I could see the finished product in my head. 

The car was made in Brisbane, June 1966, purchased from a car yard by the last owner in September 1994. 

For the first one and a half years I did a complete brake overhaul. I also completed the seats. It then made its way to the bodyworks with no interior, body work back to bare metal, paint colour "Zest" 2 pack (a Ford 2005 colour - almost the same colour as the original colour "Sea Mist Jade").  It stayed for about two months at Precision Body Works, Slacks Creek, Qld. 

Next in went the new seats, carpet, door cards, boot carpet, radio and then new gas shocks and a thick sway bar. 

At 40,000 miles clock reading, a new fresh motor to take unleaded fuel, a little worked, then new tyres, X2 carbs, X2 gauges and laminate windscreen. 

It's good on the open road, I drive it most weekends around Logan City and South Brisbane. It's been on the road for about two years, it's hard to believe it's 50 years old!!!